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Table 6 Diagnostic criteria results for ITBS

From: Biomechanical risk factors associated with iliotibial band syndrome in runners: a systematic review

  Key inclusion and exclusion criteria Orchard et al. [7] Meisser et al. [8] Noehren et al. [11] Ferber et al. [12] Phinyonmark et al. [20] Foch et al. [21] Foch and Milner [22] Foch and Milner [23] Grau et al. [24] Hein et al. [25] Miller et al. [26]a Miller et al. [27]a Noehren et al. [28]
1 Clear definition of location of pain was reported X X X X X
2 Reports a typical history of ITBS with symptoms consistent to the condition X X X X X
4 Diagnosis was confirmed by a medical practitioner/physiotherapist/ trainer
4 A positive clinical test (Obers/Nobles)/ palpation X X X X X X
5 No previous knee surgery X X X
6 No internal derangement or other sources of lateral knee pain present X X
7 No previous spine or lower limb injury X X X
Criteria’s Met 7 5 4 6 7 3 3 4 7 7 4 3 7
  1. Abbreviations: ITBS Iliotibial band syndrome
  2. a study conducted on runners who ran to fatigue