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Table 4 Comparison of legs used when comparing case to control

From: Biomechanical risk factors associated with iliotibial band syndrome in runners: a systematic review

Case (ITBS)   Control (healthy) Source
ITBS side vs Right leg Noehren et al., [11]; Ferber et al., [12] Foch et al., [21]
ITBS side vs Same leg Grau et al., [24]; Hein et al [25]; Noehren et al., [28]
ITBS side vs Random leg Meisser et al., [8]
ITBS side vs Non injured leg Orchard et al., [7]
ITBS side vs Did not state Phinyomark et al., [20]; Foch and Milner [22]; Foch and Milner [23]; Miller at al., [26]a; Miller et al., [28]a
  1. Abbreviations: ITBS iliotibial band syndrome, vs versus
  2. astudy conducted on runners who ran to fatigue