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Table 2 Treatment of associated lesions in first and second operations

From: Outcomes and second-look arthroscopic evaluation after combined arthroscopic treatment of tibial plateau and tibial eminence avulsion fractures: a 5-year minimal follow-up

  1st operation 2nd operation
Associated lesion No. of patients Treatment No. of patients Treatment
Meniscus injury
 Peripheral tear 11 Meniscus repair 0
 Radial tear 9 Meniscectomy 0
 Flap tear 5 Meniscectomy 0
 Degenerative tear 0 10 Meniscectomy
Osteochondral loose bodies 11 Removed 1 Removed
ACL injury 0 2 Shaved
Collateral ligament tears 1 Bracing 0
  1. ACL anterior cruciate ligament