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Table 5 Statistical analysis by Pearson's Chi squared test

From: Surgical management of hallux valgus and hallux rigidus: an email survey among Swiss orthopaedic surgeons regarding their current practice

Comparison p-value Significant difference
Language vs Choice Case 1 p-value = 0.47 No
Language vs Choice Case 2 p-value = 0.28 No
Language vs Choice Case 3 p-value = 0.11 No
SFAS membership vs number of operations p-value <0.001 Yes (SFAS members do operate more F&A cases than not members
SFAS membership vs Language background p-value = 0.86 No differences
SFAS membership vs Choice Case 1 p-value = 0.89 No
SFAS membership vs Choice in Case 2 p-value < 0.001 Yes
SFAS membership vs Choice in Case 3 p-value = 0.014 Yes
Age and operations p-value = 0.52 No differences in age and operations