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Table 1 Device information, irradiation and treatment parameters

From: Effect of low-level laser therapy (904 nm) and static stretching in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a protocol of randomised controlled trial

Device information
Manufacturer IBRAMED
Model identifier LaserPulse
Number of emitters 1
Emitter type GaAS
Beam delivery system Hand-held probe
Irradiation parameters
Parameter [unit] Value
Center wavelength [nm] 904
Spectral bandwidth [nm] 724 – 1009
Operating mode pulsed
Frequency [Hz] 9,500
Pulse duration [ns] 60 ns ± 20 %
Peak radiant power [W] 70
Average radiant power [mW] 40
Beam profile Circular
Treatment parameters
Parameter [unit] Value Additional notes
Beam spot size at target [cm2] 0.13090  
Irradiance at target [mW/cm2] 305.6  
Exposure duration [sec] 11 min and 25 s Per knee
Radiant exposure [J/cm2] 22.9  
Radiant energy [J] 3 Per knee
Number of points irradiated 9 points per knee  
Area irradiated [cm2] 0.13090 Per point
Application technique Contact with pressure  
Number and frequency of treatment sessions 9 treatments total - 3×/week  
Total radiant energy [J] 27 Per knee