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Table 1 Progression schedule

From: Specific exercise training for reducing neck and shoulder pain among military helicopter pilots and crew members: a randomized controlled trial protocol

Week Exe Exe Exe Exe Exe Exe Exe Exe Exe
1 2 10 4 3 7 + 8 9 6 5
1 6x15 - 5x18-20 5x18-20 5x18-20 - 2x20 2x20 2x20
2 6x15 - 3x18 3x18 3x18 - 6x18 6x18 6x18
3 6x15 - 6x15-18 6x18 6x15-18  - 3x18 3x18 3x18
4 6x15 - 3x18 3x15 3x18 - 6x15-18 6x15-18 6x15-18
5 6x15 - 6x15 6x15 6x15 - 3x15 3x15 3x15
6 6x15 6x15 3x18 3x15 3x18 - 6x15 6x15-18 6x15
7 6x15 6x15 6x15 7x15-18 4x15 2x15 3x18 3x15 3x18
8 6x15 6x15 4x15 3x15 - 2x15 7x15 7x15 8x15
9 6x15 6x15 8x15 8x15 3x15 2x15 4x15 4x15 3x15
10 6x15 6x15 3x15 4x15 3x15 - 8x15 7x15 8x15
11 6x15 6x15 8x12-15 7x15 4x15 2x15 3x15 4x15 3x15
12 6x15 6x15 4x15 4x12 - 2x15 8x12-15 8x12-15 8x15
13 6x15 6x15 8x12-15 8x12-15 4x12 2x12 4x15 4x15 4x12
14 6x15 6x15 3x15 4x12 3x15 - 8x12 7x12-15 8x12
15 6x15 6x15 7x12 7x12-15 4x12 2x15 3x15 4x12 3x15
16 6x15 6x15 4x12 3x12 - 2x15 7x12 7x12 8x12
17 6x15 6x15 8x12 8x12 3x12 2x12 4x12 4x12 3x12
18 6x15 6x15 4x12 3x12 3x12 - 7x12 8x12 7x12
19 6x15 6x15 7x12 7x12 3x12 2x12 4x12 3x12 4x12
20 6x15 6x15 3x12 4x12 - 2x12 7x12 7x12 7x12
Total 1800 1350 1477 1477 904 612 1477 1477 1477
  1. Total number of sets per week and intensities during the 20-week intervention period, for each of the 10 training exercises (Exe). Exercise 1 and 2 are given as number of repetitions. Exercise 3 to 10 are given as repetitions maximum (RM). For instance 6x15-18 RM should be read “6 sets with loadings in the range of 15–18 RM”. The range indicates that there is an undulation in load during that week for this exercise. Exercise 7 and 8 was performed for both right and left side