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Table 4 Variables associated with ARMD in patients with large-diameter MoM THRs

From: Femoral diameter and stem type are independent risk factors for ARMD in the Large-headed ASR THR group

Study Patients (hips) Statistics Associated with ARMD Not associated with ARMD
Reito et al. 281 (312) Multivariate Reduced cup coverage Age
High preoperative
Corail stem
Female sex
Langton et al. 418 HRs Univariate Small femoral diameter Inclination angle
87 THRs
High anteversion angle
Elevated Cr/Co levels
Bosker et al. 119 (120) Multivariate Elevated Cr/Co levels Small femoral diameter
Anteversion angle
Inclination angle
Bolland et al. 185 (199) Univariate Elevated Co level Cr levels
Anteversion angle
Inclination angle
Femoral diameter