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Table 5 Association between at-work productivity loss and quality of life for workers with RA

From: Productivity at work and quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Independent variables (Quality of life dimensions RAND 36): Dependent variable: at-work productivity loss
Crude analysis Adjusted analysis
  ß 95% CI ß 95% CI
Mental health -0.10 -0.13; -0.08 -0.06a -0.09; -0.03
Physical role limitations -0.03 -0.04; -0.02 -0.01b -0.02; 0.0004
Pain -0.05 -0.07; -0.02 -0.03c -0.06; 0.003
  1. a.Adjusted for work instability and job satisfaction.
  2. b.Adjusted for work instability, mental health, HAQ, pain (RAND 36), and job contract.
  3. c.Adjusted for work instability, pain (VAS), physical role limitations, mental health, and HAQ.