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Table 4 Correlation between the measurement methods

From: Bioimpedance spectroscopy for swelling evaluation following total knee arthroplasty: a validation study

Spearman correlations between BIS R0, volume and circumference
  R0 BIS-Volume R0 BIS-Circumference Volume-Circumference
Overall 0.73* 0.75* 0.84*
Baseline 0.71* 0.56* 0.67*
D2 0.62* 0.57* 0.63*
D8 0.33 NS 0.39 NS 0.68*
  1. *Significant at P < 0.01; NS non-significant.
  2. Legends = BIS R0: Bioimpedance spectroscopy; D2: two days after total knee arthroplasty; D8: eight days after total knee arthroplasty.