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Table 1 Disease categories by ICD-10 codes and ICPC-2 codes

From: Musculoskeletal disorders in Norway: prevalence of chronicity and use of primary and specialist health care services

  ICD-101 ICPC-2
Low back and neck pain M46.9, M47, M48.0-M48.2, M48.8-M48.9, M50-M54 L01, L02, L03, L84, L86, L85, L83
Shoulder syndrome M75 L08, L92
Osteoarthritis M15-M19 L89, L90, L91
Osteoporosis M80-M81 L95
Rheumatoid arthritis* M05-M06 L88
Fibromyalgia M79 L18
Bursitis/tendinitis/synovitis M65–M67, M70–M72, M760–M770, M772–M779 L87
Gout M10 T92
Total musculoskeletal All M codes All L codes
  1. *In ICPC-2 this category is defined as “Rheumatoid/seropositive arthritis”.
  2. 1Based on GBD cause list [19].