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Table 3 Home training assignments; patients’ adherence and performance

From: Short-term effect on pain and function of neurophysiological education and sensorimotor retraining compared to usual physiotherapy in patients with chronic or recurrent non-specific low back pain, a pilot randomized controlled trial

MMT assignment MMT performance (patients participating on the complete MMT programme (n = 11))
Neurophysiological education: answering 184 questions in ten home assignments 81% (9/11) answered >80% of the questions correctly
Recognise® Software: determination of perspective of 10 × 60 pictures of the back. 81% (9/11) determined >80% of the pictures correctly
Sensory retraining with 55 sets of stimuli (pressed points, letters and 3-letter-words) 81% (9/11) fulfilled >80%
Motor retraining exercises 81% (9/11) reported performing exercises five times a week
Motor retraining exercise performance per day  
Frequency/day (mean, SD) 2.44 (0.81)
Minutes/day (mean, SD) 11.68 (3.17)
UPT assignment Eleven patients participated on the complete UPT programme (n = 11)
Individually assigned exercises, performance reported on the HTI 91% (10/11) reported performance five times a week
  1. MMT multimodal treatment (group); UPT usual physiotherapy treatment (group).