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Figure 3

From: Comparison of microstructural and mechanical properties of trabeculae in femoral head from osteoporosis patients with and without cartilage lesions: a case–control study

Figure 3

Histopathological evaluation of Safranin O/Fast Green stain. A, B. Stains from patient of Outerbridge 1 level cartilage lesion, cartilage of WBA in the same patients shows homogeneous and intense staining of proteoglycans at extracellular matrix, normal structure and normal cellularity across the different layers. C, D. Outerbridge 2 level, cartilage shows reduced safranin O staining of extracellular matrix, cells in upper layer shows hypercellularity and cartilage surface irregular. E, F. Outerbridge 3 level, cartilage displays severely reduced safranin O staining of extracellular matrix, cell cloning cellularity and hypocellularity, and clefts to transitional zone.

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