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Figure 2

From: Evidence for a general stiffening motor control pattern in neck pain: a cross sectional study

Figure 2

Forest plot of the group difference (95 % CI) between neck pain patients and healthy controls. Number in parentheses behind test variables states the analytic model applied. Analysis were adjusted for age and gender (model 1), plus cervical ROM (model 2), plus peak velocity (model 3). All variables in B are adjusted for model 1, except for JPE which is adjusted for model 2. ROM = range of motion. FxEx = flexion/extension. Latflex = lateral flexion. JPE = joint position error. FOE = figure of eight. Fly test 1B = easy pattern, large ROM. Fly test 2B = difficult pattern, large ROM. EO = eyes open. EC = eyes closed. EOB = eyes open balance pad.

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