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Figure 8

From: Mesenchymal stem cells in rabbit meniscus and bone marrow exhibit a similar feature but a heterogeneous multi-differentiation potential: superiority of meniscus as a cell source for meniscus repair

Figure 8

Immunocytochemistry staining on complexes implanted Matrigel with BMSCs or MMSCs into the back of nude rats for 3 weeks. The tissue sections were stained with anti-adiponectin (A, B), anti-osteocalcin (C, D), anti-collagen type II (E, F), respectively. It is seen that two kinds of stem cells have multi-differentiation potential in vivo. The implantation of BMSCs resulted in more bone-like tissue formation (C, pink) than MMSCs (D). More cartilage-like tissues were observed in MMSCs group, as shown by immunostaining for collagen type II (F, red). (P < 0.05) (Magnification of microscopy: 20×) (Bar: 50 μm).

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