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Table 1 Intervention programme: intensive phase

From: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a health coaching intervention to improve the lifestyle of patients with knee osteoarthritis: cluster randomized clinical trial

Duration Goals Contents Components
2 hours • Presentation About Health Coaching: 1. Motivation Techniques
  • Sharing and Explaining Concepts 1. What is health coaching? 2. Group Development Techniques
  • Motivate participants 2. Who can benefit ? 3. Evidence-based Information
  • Agree conditions of intervention 3. The health coaching process  
   a. General outline  
   b. Confidentiality (with reference to ethical code)  
   4. What is it useful for?  
   Knee Osteoarthritis:  
   1. What is it?  
   2. How can it be treated?  
   Agreement on conditions of intervention  
12 hours • Increase physical activity 1. Review of Tasks 1. Motivation Techniques
  *Increase healthy diet 2. Goal Setting 2. Group Development Techniques
  *Increase self-management of pain techniques and strategies 3. Analyze current situation 3. Evidence-based Information
   4. Options  
   5. Action Plan  
   6. Creation of guideline for self-monitoring (goal achievement process)  
   7. Creation of guideline for self-evaluation of action plan (goal achievement)  
6 hours • Follow-up of Action Plan and Evaluation of Results 1. Provide the patient with strategies and techniques to follow the action plan through  
   2. Review Action Plan  
   3. Review Evaluation of Results  
   4. Evaluation of Results  
   5. Prevention of Relapse  
Intervention Programme-follow-up phase
Frequency Goals Contents Components
Once monthly Maintain Motivation Weight Control Positive Reinforcement Empower and Train Laser Questions 1. Motivation Techniques
2. Group Development Techniques
3. Evidence-based Information