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Figure 1

From: Surgical treatment of tumor-induced osteomalacia: a retrospective review of 40 cases with extremity tumors

Figure 1

A 63 year-old male patient complained bone pain and fatigue for five year. Decreased serum phosphorus (0.39 mmol/L) and 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D (14.4 pg/mL) was observed, and 24-hour urine phosphate and TMP/GRF was 19.5 mg and 0.56 mg/dL, respectively. (a)99Tcm-OCT showed high expression of somatostatin receptor in his right knee (black arrow). (b) Curettage and bone allograft were performed and serum phosphorus returned to normal eight days after surgery. Clinical symptoms were significantly improved at one year follow-up.

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