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Table 1 Selection criteria of participants

From: The Shoulder Function Index (SFInX): a clinician-observed outcome measure for people with a proximal humeral fracture

Inclusion criteria • 18 years or older
  • Isolated proximal humeral fracture, or proximal humeral fracture-dislocation with similar clinical presentation after reduction
  • Available for recruitment within one year (365 days) post-fracture
  • Any treatment received for proximal humeral fracture
  • Ability to complete English-language questionnaires and to follow simple instructions in English
  • Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire score 6–10 (indicates intact or mildly impaired cognitive functioning)
Exclusion criteria • Other serious medical issues from the trauma (e.g. hip fracture, wrist fracture, nerve lesion, traumatic brain injury, muscle ruptures)
  • Potentially confounding medical conditions (e.g. hemiplegic arm, previous shoulder surgery, re-fracture, severe rheumatoid arthritis)