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Table 1 The components of the modified Mankin scoring system

From: Alterations in the vimentin cytoskeleton in response to single impact load in an in vitro model of cartilage damage in the rat

Structure Cellularity Matrix staining Tidemark integrity Score
Smooth surface/normal Normal arrangement Normal staining Normal and intact 0
Roughened surface/single crack or area of deamination Clustering in superficial layer or loss of cells up to 10% Slight loss of stain Disrupted 1
Multiple cracks/moderate delamination Disorganisation or loss up to 25% Moderate loss of stain X 2
Fragmentation in cartilage or severe delamination Cell rows absent or loss to 50% Severe loss of stain X 3
Loss of fragments Very few cells present No stain present X 4
Complete erosion to tidemark x X X 5
Erosion beyond tidemark X X X 6