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Table 4 Costs applied in the economic evaluation of a proprioceptive balance board training programme for the prevention of recurrent ankle sprains.

From: The 2BFit study: is an unsupervised proprioceptive balance board training programme, given in addition to usual care, effective in preventing ankle sprain recurrences? Design of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Costs Cost (€)
Direct health care costs:  
   General practitioner (per visit = 20 min)* 16.60
   General practitioner (phone consult)* 8.17
   Physical therapist (per visit = 30 min)* 18.15
   Sports physician (per visit)* 16.60
   Medical specialist (per visit)* 40.85
   Alternative therapist# (per visit)* 27.20
   X-ray/cast (per unit) 50.00
   Emergency room (per visit) 50.00
   Drugs -
   Medical devices  
Tape (per roll) 3.00
Brace 67.89
Crutches (rent per week) 15.00
Indirect costs:  
   Absenteeism from paid work (per day)§ -
   Absenteeism from unpaid work (per hour)* 7.94
  1. €1.00 = €0.78, $1.56 (d.d. 04-03-2008)
  2. * Guideline price according to Dutch guidelines [36].
  3. # Price according to professional association.
  4. † Cost price according to hospital administration of VU Medical Center
  5. ‡ Price according to tariff of the Royal Dutch Society of Pharmacy [24].
  6. §Indirect costs for paid work was calculated for each injured separately based on mean income of the Dutch
  7. population according to age and sex [36].