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Table 1 Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction with Physiotherapy Questionnaires

From: Patient Satisfaction with private Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal Pain

  Evaluation Criteria for Questionnaire (based on literature review)
  aMultidimensional Self completed by patient Likert Scale (≥ 5 levels) bNegative Phrasing used cPsychometric data available
Roush & Sonstroem (1999)* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Goldstein et al (2000) Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Beattie et al (2002) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monnin & Perneger (2002) Yes Yes Yes No Yes
French (2003) Yes Yes Mixed No No
George & Hirsch (2005) No Yes Yes No No
  1. *Fulfils all the evaluation criteria for questionnaire suitability;
  2. a The publication reports on the processes of selection and evaluation of the multiple dimensions (concepts) that may influence patient satisfaction in the questionnaire;
  3. b Questionnaire includes negatively phrased statements to minimise response bias (e.g. "I do not feel that the physiotherapist valued my opinion");
  4. c Information regarding scale development, validity, and reliability of the questionnaire were undertaken and included in publication.