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Table 3 Short overview of specific outcome measures

From: ICF components of corresponding outcome measures in flexor tendon rehabilitation – a systematic review

Outcome Measure Short description
AROM Active Range of Motion measures active extension and flexion of different joints
TAM Total Active Motion measures extension and flexion of the whole finger
Bruck-Gramcko *
Lister et al. *
Louisville *
Kleinert's criteria *
Tubiana's system *
Tsuge *
Strickland's revised score *
Strickland/Glogovac formula *
Profundus tendon function (Bichat's „claw index”) Evaluation of profundus tendon function [41]
Grip Strength (Jamar) Hydraulic measurement of grip strength in kg or pds
Pinch strength (Jamar) Hydraulic measurement of pinch strength in kg or pds
Key Pinch (Baseline pinch gauge) Hydraulic measurement of key pinch strength in kg or pds
Neurologic recovery (Semmes Weinstein monofilaments) Sensory evaluation test
  1. *Various grading systems and formulas have been developed to evaluate the outcome of flexor tendon repairs. The functional results usually are expressed as "excellent", "good", "fair" or "poor".