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Table 2 Wilcoxon's test. Group differences before and after pain/exercise provocation.

From: A pilot study using Tissue Velocity Ultrasound Imaging (TVI) to assess muscle activity pattern in patients with chronic trapezius myalgia

Variables All
Velocity diff Mean 0.932 0.594 0.463
Velocity diff RMS 0.954 0.328 0.249
Strain rate diff Mean 0.067 0.033 0.701
Strain rate diff RMS 0.170 0.033 0.753
Strain diff Max 0.179 0.859 0.087
Strain diff Mean 0.530 0.929 0.345
Strain diff RMS 0.170 0.929 0.055
  1. No significant differences were found on a group level when all subjects were taken together. Significant differences were found regarding mean strain rate and RMS strain rate in the healthy controls indicating a higher strain rate after exercise than before. There was also a tendency according to the strain RMS parameter (p = 0.055) that indicated that TM patients had a lower activity after pain provocation compared to before. For explanations of abbreviations, see the legend for Table 1.