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Table 4 Multivariable-adjusted percent BMD change/year, mean (SD)

From: Longitudinal analysis of vertebral fracture and BMD in a Canadian cohort of adult cystic fibrosis patients

  % BMD change/year (adjusted)
Lumbar Spine -0.18a (1.59)*
  n = 30
Proximal Femur† -0.48b (1.39)
  n = 28
Whole Body -0.10c (1.07)
  n = 35
  1. All available DXA scans per individual were used in calculating the slope of percent BMD change.
  2. *Outlier removed
  3. † Average of left and right sides
  4. aAdjusted for baseline BMD; alkaline phosphatase and serum calcium laboratory levels
  5. bAdjusted for Forced Expiratory Volume, serum calcium, and dosage of oral steroids
  6. cAdjusted for years of follow-up and age