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Table 5 Proportion of knee pain positive patients with radiographic knee OA (A/P views) according to the definition of knee pain.

From: The discordance between clinical and radiographic knee osteoarthritis: A systematic search and summary of the literature

Study % Knee pain positive in those with Radiographic OA Definition of knee pain positive subjects
Hannan [25] 47 Pain, swelling, morning stiffness in or around the knee on most days for one month
   Positive response to both parts required:
Parts A & B   (A) Have you ever had pain in or around the knee on most days for one month?
Lanyon [8] 81  
Lethbridge [10] 64  
Part A only   (B) If so, have you experienced pain in the last year?
Felson [20] 40  
Lethbridge [10] 53  
Cicuttinni [26] 20 Ever having an episode of knee pain lasting more than 15 days
Lachance [13] 35 (CA)
50 (AA)
Any joint pain in their knees during the last during the last month
Hart [18] 56 Pain, stiffness and swelling lasting more than a month
Odding [14] 59 Knee pain during the past month
Davis [27] 59 Knee pain on most days lasting for one month in the past year
  1. CA – Caucasian, AA – African American, N/A – not applicable.