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Table 3 Hand specific data to be collected only at 18 months and 3 years

From: The Clinical Assessment Study of the Hand (CAS-HA): a prospective study of musculoskeletal hand problems in the general population

Concept Measurement method Details
Perceived change in hand problem since baseline Transition index [48] completely recovered, much better, better, no change, worse, much worse
Health care related to hand problem since baseline Hand injury yes, no
  Hand operation yes, no
  Consulted GP in past 18 months yes, no
  NHS and private services used in past 18 months (adapted from [36]) yes, no to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hospital specialist, acupuncture, osteopath/chiropractor, drugs on prescription, hand operation, hand injection, other
Occupational impact since baseline Time off work yes, no
  Stopped work yes, no
Hand pain and hand symptoms Days of hand swelling in past month all, most, some, few, no
  Days of hand pain in past 6 months^ [22] no, 1–30, 31–89, 90+ days
  Hand pain severity in past 6 months^ numerical rating scale (1–10)
Coping strategies for hand pain Single-item Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ) [49] numerical rating scale (0–7) with verbal anchors (never do that, always do that)
Illness perceptions Shortened version adapted from IPQ-R [35] 6 dimensions: illness coherence, personal control, timeline (acute/chronic), timeline (cyclical), consequences, emotional representation
Management/self-help 7 treatments/self-help activities tried in past month: simple painkiller; anti-inflammatory tablets; creams, gels, or rubs; glucosamine or chondroitin sulphate; warmth, heat; cold; hand exercises yes, no
Narrative account Open-ended question: course of hand pain and problems free text
  1. Minimum data to be sought at 18 months and 3 years from non-responders; Data only gathered at 18 months; ^Data only gathered at 3 years