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Figure 1 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Figure 1

From: Refining animal models in fracture research: seeking consensus in optimising both animal welfare and scientific validity for appropriate biomedical use

Figure 1

Suspension system for sheep: the net is adapted from horse rescue principles (Fürst A, et al.) and was custom made for sheep as a prophylactic measure to avoid refractures of their limbs after (experimental) osteosynthesis. A) The net prevents animals to lie down while still being able to rest and move freely within the stall. The net is loosely wrapped around the rump, the soft belts around the neck and hind limbs of the sheep still allowing them to urinate and defecate without problems. For this reason only female sheep should be utilized for experiments requiring the suspension system. B) The net and belts are bundled above the animal and fixed to a hook on the ceiling with a special device and pulley system that allows free rotation for 360°. A special feeder is used with an extension below where the sheep can rest their heads while sleeping and hanging in the nets. Since social contact is important, animals are never kept alone but always have another sheep as a neighbour.

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