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Table 1 Clinical, pathological and radiographic data

From: Rare clinical experiences for surgical treatment of melanoma with osseous metastases in Taiwan

Patient age (years) Sex Primary tumor Clinical size (cm) Microscopic classification Depth (Clark level) Osseous metastases and complications Radiographic manifestation Other metastases Synchronous tumor
45 F Scalp 1.5 × 1.0 Malignant melanoma V Frontoparietal skull, multiple cervico- thoracolumbar spine (compression fractures of thoracolumbar spine), bone marrow infiltration Multiple spinal metastases with bony destruction and cord compression Liver, bone marrow None
72 M L anterior chest wall 1.5 × 1.5 Malignant melanoma IV 5th lumbar vertebra, R acetabulum L5 compression fracture with bony destruction Lung, Lymph nodes None
64 M R sole 1.5 × 1.5 acral lentiginous melanoma V L skull base, midcervical, mid thoracolumbar spine Multiple bony destruction, permeative osteolytic skull lesion Lung None
79 M L sole 1.0 × 1.0 acral lentiginous melanoma III R scapular, thoracolumbar spine (L2 compression fracture), L sacroiliac joint, pelvic rim and bilateral femurs Multiple bony destruction with periosteal reaction and dystrophic calcifications Lymph nodes Lung cancer
62 M L sole 2.3 × 2.1 acral lentiginous melanoma IV L ninth rib, thoracolumbar spine Sclerotic lesions in thoracolumbar spine Liver Thyroid papillary carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma
67 F R heel 3.5 × 1.0 acral lentiginous melanoma V R femoral pathological fracture, R knee, L mid femur, R scapular, rib Permeative osteolytic change Lymph node, lung, liver None
70 F L lower leg 1.0 × 1.0 Malignant melanoma IV L femoral subtrochanteric fracture Osteolytic bony destruction Liver, spleen Renal cell carcinoma
67 M R foot 7.0 × 6.0 acral lentiginous melanoma V R tibia, proximal femur Increased tracer uptake over R proximal femur Lung, lymph nodes None
39 F L subungual 1.1 × 0.9 acral lentiginous melanoma V Skull, thoracolumbar spine, thoracic cage, pelvic rim Osteolytic bony destruction Liver, lung, lymph nodes, brain None
74 F L lower limb 1.0 × 0.8 Malignant melanoma V L midtibial pathological fracture, sacroiliac joint Osteolytic bony destruction Lung Cervical cancer
51 M Unknown NA Malignant melanoma NA R navicular pathological fracture Comminuted fracture Liver, lung, lymph nodes None
  1. L, left; R, right; NA, not applicable.