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Figure 4 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Figure 4

From: The reliability of three-dimensional scapular attitudes in healthy people and people with shoulder impingement syndrome

Figure 4

Intersession standard error of measurement of 3D scapular attitudes using two methods of calculation. The intersession standard error of measurement (SEM) of 3D scapular attitudes (anterior/posterior tilting (A-PT), lateral/medial rotation (L-MR) and protraction/retraction (PRO-RET)) were measured in three static shoulder positions (arm at rest, flexion, abduction) using two methods of calculation (with respect (w/r) to the trunk and with respect (w/r) to the scapula at rest) in healthy subjects (n = 30 shoulders). The intersession SEM were also measured using the mean of the three trials of each session (Trial 1-2-3) and the mean of the two first trials of each session (Trial 1–2). The error bar represents the 95% confidence interval of the SEM.

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