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Table 4 Correlations between functional outcome and one-year mechanical properties. N = 8. The FIL score was inverted. Strain per force has been inverted to become specific stiffness. Primary comparisons in bold

From: Mechanical properties during healing of Achilles tendon ruptures to predict final outcome: A pilot Roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis in 10 patients

   Rho p
Specific stiffness Heel raise index 0.57 0.13
Specific stiffness Therman score 0.62 0.10
Specific stiffness FIL score 0.88 0.03
Modulus Heel raise index 0.88 0.02
Modulus Therman score 0.76 0.04
Modulus FIL score 0.74 0.06
Transverse area Heel raise index -0.29 0.42
Transverse area Therman score -0.14 0.69
Transverse area FIL score 0.33 0.39