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Table 2 Definitions of complications used during follow-up.

From: Acute Achilles tendon rupture: minimally invasive surgery versus non operative treatment, with immediate full weight bearing. Design of a randomized controlled trial

Complication Definition
Infection Clinical signs of wound infection, i.e. redness, swelling, pain and functional impairment. Deep infection is defined as an infection beyond skin or subcutaneous fat needing surgical treatment in the operating theatre.
Disturbed wound healing Keloid formation or hypertrophic scar, secondary wound healing, protruding PDS knot.
Sural nerve injury Any sign of altered sensibility in the sural nerve area diagnosed by surgeon or surgical resident (using touch and pin prick test).
Scar adhesion Clinical signs of adhesion of skin to underlying tissue layers. Clear wound retraction at ankle movement.
Deep vein thrombosis Clinical and ultrasonographic signs of deep vein thrombosis of the ipsilateral lower leg.
Other complications Any complication met during follow-up.