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Table 1 Overview of variables

From: Treatment of myofascial trigger points in common shoulder disorders by physical therapy: A randomized controlled trial [ISRCTN75722066]

Variable T0 Baseline T1 After 6 wk T2 After 12 wk Measured by
Age* X    Interview
Gender* X    Interview
Work X    Interview
Dominant side affected X    Interview
Duration of the complaints* X    Interview
DASH DLV X X X Questionnaire
Use of medication X X X Interview
Use of other therapy X X X Interview
Work% X X X Interview
Improvement(percentage of perceived improvement)   X X Interview
Number of involved muscles X X X Assessment
No. of treatment sessions    X Assessment
Health status for baseline comparison X    RAND-36 DLV
Existence and severity of symptoms of depression X    Beck Depression Inventory
Shoulder Passive ROM X X X Goniometry
• flexion X X X  
• abduction X X X  
• external rotation X X X  
• internal rotation X X X  
• cross body adduction X X X  
  1. *Age, gender and duration of the complaints seem to be important prognostic variables [53].