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Table 3 Intra-operator Intra-class Correlation Coefficients by operator over all 3 days

From: Reliability of lumbar spinal palpation, range of motion, and determination of position

Operator Movement ICC (3,3)
A Sagittal (Flex/Ext) 0.81/0.94
  Coronal (R/L) 0.86/0.95
  Horizontal (R/L) 0.86/0.63
B Sagittal (Flex/Ext) 0.98/0.86
  Coronal (R/L) 0.81/0.57
  Horizontal (R/L) 0.83/0.71
C Sagittal (Flex/Ext) 0.99/0.80
  Coronal (R/L) 0.87/0.78
  Horizontal (R/L) 0.72/0.92