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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Testing the proficiency to distinguish locations with elevated plantar pressure within and between professional groups of foot therapists

Patient A B C
Gender female Female male
Age (yr) 60 61 37
Weight (kg) 105 73 82
Body length (cm) 178 154 181
Systemic diseases      Arthritis psoriatica
  left right left right left right
Structural classification       
pes plano valgus x x     
calcaneus valgus      x x
hallux valgus    x x   
bunion    x x   
claw toes      x x
Specific diagnosis       
Metatarsalgia x x x x x x
Plantar fasciitis   x     
MTP-1 joint Extension 50° 50° 50° 35° 55° 60°
MTP-1 joint Flexion 45° 40° 30° 35° 40° 45°
  1. Yr = years, kg = kilogram, cm = centimetre, MTP = metatarsophalangeal