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Table 1 Prices used in the economic evaluation

From: Surgery is more cost-effective than splinting for carpal tunnel syndrome in the Netherlands: results of an economic evaluation alongside a randomized controlled trial

Direct health care costs  
Outpatient appointment 40.85
Hospitalisation (per day) 235.95
Operation carpal tunnel syndrome 69.50
Splint 72.10
General practitioner (visit of max. 20 min.) 16.60
Manual therapist (visit of max. 45 min.) 25.90
Physical therapist (visit of max. 30 min.) 18.15
Cesar exercise therapist (per visit) 17.70
Professional home care (per hour) 22.70
Direct non-health care costs  
Unpaid help (per hour) 7.94
Time spent visiting a health care provider (per hour) 7.94
Indirect costs  
Absenteeism paid labour (per day) * -
Absenteeism unpaid labour (per hour) 7.94
  1. Euro 1 = US $0.90; * Costs for paid labour were calculated on the basis of a mean income of the Dutch population according to age and sex.[14,15]