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Table 1 Brief prognostic assessment in the consultation. Conceptual domains, operational definitions, and empirical measures

From: The assessment of the prognosis of musculoskeletal conditions in older adults presenting to general practice: a research protocol

Conceptual domain Operational definition Empirical measure No. of items
Pain intensity Current pain intensity (of the index pain, at the time of index consultation) 0–10 NRS [8] 1
Episode duration Time since last whole month free from this pain Episode duration [9] 1
Multiple site/widespread pain Current pain in sites other than the index site in the last month Yes/no 1
Pain interference with activities Pain interference with daily activities in the past month (of the index pain) 0–10 NRS [8] 1
Depression Low mood, anhedonia in the past month Depression Screening questions for primary care [10] 2
GP Prognostic Judgement GP predicted outcome at 6 months 6 item scale (completely recovered through to much worse) [adapted from 11] 1