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Table 1 Cost used in the economic evaluation

From: Costs of shoulder pain in primary care consulters: a prospective cohort study in The Netherlands

Direct health care costs (per visit)  
   General practitioner (max 10 min) 18.97
   Manual therapist (max 20 min) 19.65
   Other therapists (max 30 min) (physiotherapist, 'Mensendieck', 'Cesar' and occupational therapist) 19.65
   Specialists (orthopaedist, neurologist, rheumatologist, and physician for rehabilitation medicine) 44.21
   Hospitalisation (per day) 337.00
Direct non-health care costs (per hour)  
   Alternative therapists (acupuncturist, homeopath, chiropractor, and others) As indicated by patient
   Home care 8.60
   Paid help at home 8.60
   Help from partner/relatives/friends 8.60
   Extra activities (i.e. swimming, fitness, gymnastics) 8.60
Indirect costs (per hour)  
   Sick leave from paid work FCM
   Sick leave from unpaid work 8.60
   Unable to perform usual activities 8.60
   Unable to perform hobbies 8.60
  1. €: Euro's (€1 = 1.30 US Dollars, 02/02/2005); FCM: friction cost method