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Table 1 Risk factors of work-related neck pain being evaluated.

From: Risk factors for neck pain in office workers: a prospective study

Risk Factor Construct Measurement method
Active range of cervical rotation Total excursion of rotation (measured as the sum of right and left rotation), in degrees. Cervical Range of Movement Instrument (CROM)
Active range of cervical lateral flexion Total excursion of lateral flexion (measured as the sum of right and left lateral flexion), in degrees. CROM
Active range of cervical flexion and extension Total excursion of flexion and extension (measured as the sum of flexion and extension), in degrees. CROM
Neck posture Cervical protraction in relaxed sitting position (horizontal distance in cm) CROM
Neck extensor endurance Time that subject can maintain horizontal head position in prone (holding time in seconds) Cervical Biering-Sorensen Test
Age Age (years) Questionnaire
Sex M or F Questionnaire
Psychological distress Total score (/63) DASS21
Psychosocial workplace factors Total score (/264) Job Content Questionnaire
Duration of daily sitting at work Self-reported average duration of total sitting at work (hours) Questionnaire
Frequency of breaks from sitting at work Self-reported average frequency of breaks from sitting at work (minutes) Questionnaire
Exercise frequency Self-reported average frequency of weekly exercise sessions (sessions/week) Questionnaire