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Figure 2

From: Endostatin inhibits VEGF-A induced osteoclastic bone resorption in vitro

Figure 2

Typical appearance of the bone slices in the pit assay. Rat bone cells were cultured on bovine bone slices with different treatments. After 48 hours, cells were wiped off and resorbed bone area was visualized with image analyzer system. Bone slices after (A) Control (B) VEGF-A 10 ng/ml (C) VEGF-A 50 ng/ml (D) VEGF-A 100 ng/ml (E) Endostatin 0.02 μg/ml (F) Endostatin 0.2 μg/ml (G) Endostatin 2 μg/ml (H) VEGF-A 10 ng/ml and Endostatin 0.02 μg/ml (I) VEGF-A 50 ng/ml and Endostatin 0.2 μg/ml (J) VEGF-A 100 ng/ml and Endostatin 2 μg/ml treatments. Scale bar 100 μm.

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