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Table 2 Main categories regarding diagnostic aspects

From: Problems and needs for improving primary care of osteoarthritis patients: the views of patients, general practitioners and practice nurses

General Practitioners Patients Practice Nurses
Proceedings a (19) b:
Making an extensive anamnesisc (19)
Making an extensive examination (18)
Informing patients about cause and course of disease (17)
Referring patients to orthopeadic (8)
Referring to radiologist (6)
-diagnosing OA (12):
Poor correlation between x-rays and complaints (8)
Concomitant depression (5)
Others (3)
-regarding specialist (6)
Focusing on performing x-rays (5)
Missing information about performed examinations/recommendations (5)
Felt pressure to refer to specialist (3)
Satisfaction (20):
Satisfied with diagnostic proceedings (15)
Needs/problems regarding GPs (13 )
Missing information about diagnosis and its course/impact on individuals life (12)
Lacking time (2)
Needs/problems regarding specialists (15)
Lacking time (14)
Missing information about diagnosis and its course/impact on individuals life (8)
Focussing on performing examinations (5)
Recommendation of expensive treatments (4)
Involvement (20):
Current involvement in
- diagnostic proceedings (2)
- treatment (1)
No involvement in diagnostic proceedings (17)
Wish of being more involved (11)
No wish of being more involved (9)
Barriers against involvement (20)
Lacking knowledge about disease (13)/treatment (17)
Lacking time due to
- administrative overload (11)
- other reasons (3)
  1. a Words in italic are main categories; b number of participants referring to the respective category (multiple mentions possible)
  2. c subcategories (not all subcategories are displayed).