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Table 1 Selection criteria for trial eligibility.

From: Cost-effectiveness of microendoscopic discectomy versus conventional open discectomy in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation: a prospective randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN51857546]

   • Age 18–70 years
   • Persistent radiculair pain lasting more than 6–8 weeks
   • Operation indication
   • Disc herniation confirmed MRI
unilateral disc herniation larger than 1/3 of the spinal canal diameter or
unilateral disc herniation less than 1/3 of the spinal canal diameter with concomittant lateral recess stenosis or sequestration
   • Informed consent
   • Previous lumbar surgery on the same disc level
   • Cauda equina syndrome
   • Spondylolytic or degenerative spondylolisthesis
   • Central spinal canal stenosis
   • Pregnancy
   • Severe somatic or psychiatric illness
   • Planned (e)migration to another country in the year after inclusion
   • Inadequate knowledge of Dutch language