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Table 3 Bivariate logistic regression analyses of associations between health status at baseline and LBP at follow-up as well as prevalence of persistent LBP at follow-up within the respective groups. Based on a sample excluding individuals with persistent LBP at baseline. Age and sex were included in the model.

From: Is comorbidity in adolescence a predictor for adult low back pain? A prospective study of a young population

Morbidity 1994 OR for LBP-long 2002 (95% CI) Prevalence of LBP-long 2002 (95% CI)
Headache-long 2.52 (1.56–4.07) 14% (9–21%)
Headache-all 1.40 (1.04–1.88) 9% (8–10%)
Asthma 1.34 (1.10–1.62) 11% (9–12%)
Atopic disease 1.08 (0.82–1.43) 9% (7–12%)
All NA 9% (8–9%)