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Table 6 Twin-control study. Odds ratios for the twin with LBP in 2002 of having been exposed to the investigated risk factor in 1994. Based on monozygotic twin pairs, discordant for LBP at all in 2002 (334 pairs).

From: Are lifestyle-factors in adolescence predictors for adult low back pain? A cross-sectional and prospective study of young twins

  The twin without LBP in 2002 The twin with LBP in 2002
Smoking at baseline OR (95%CI) 1.00 1.50 (0.73–3.19)
Alcohol consumption at baseline OR (95%CI) 1.00 0.58 (0.19–1.61)
Overweight at baseline OR (95%CI) 1.00 0.89 (0.30–2.60)
  1. * No LBP in 1994.