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Table 3 The effect of age on direction of change of OPG:sRANKL with pressure. cases decreased the OPG:sRANKL ratio with cyclic pressure, while cases increased the ratio

From: Age of donor alters the effect of cyclic hydrostatic pressure on production by human macrophages and osteoblasts of sRANKL, OPG and RANK

  <65 (mean 55 y) ≥65 (mean 74 y) P < 0.01 Fishers exact test
4 0  
1 8  
  1. Osteoblasts were seeded onto slices of dentine at 5 × 105 cells/ml, placed in 96-well plates and cultured overnight. Macrophages were seeded onto the osteoblast layer at 5 × 105 cells/ml and cultured for a further six days in DMEM supplemented with M-CSF (30 ng/ml), Dexamethasone (10-8M) and 1,25D3 (10-7M). Three replicate wells per treatment were set up for each experiment and both cell types were from the same donor. The effect of pressure ("P") and age on secretion of sRANKL and OPG was compared using the Mann Whitney U test.