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Table 3 Selected prognostic variables for subgroup analysis

From: Prolonged conservative treatment or 'early' surgery in sciatica caused by a lumbar disc herniation: rationale and design of a randomized trial [ISRCT 26872154]

Demographic Variables
   • Age < 39 years versus > 39 years,
   • Intellectual versus physical demanding job,
Anamnestic and Neurological Variables
   • Acute start LSRS versus slow start,
   • History of backpain versus no history,
   • Influence of coughing, sneezing on complaints versus no influence,
   • Difficulty to put on shoes and/or socks versus no difficulty,
   • Straight leg raising ≤ 30 degrees versus > 30 degrees,
   • Positive crossed straight leg raising sign versus negative sign,
   • VAS-pain > 70 versus < 69 mm,
   • Tingling/numbness in pain area versus no tingling (9),
   • Pain leg worse by sitting versus no worsening (9),
   • McGill affective high score versus low score,
Radiological Variables
   • MRI disc sequester versus contained disc herniation,
   • MRI circumferential gadolinium enhancement versus no enhancement of disc herniation,
   • Mediolateral versus median and lateral disc herniation,
   • High versus low height of disc level (height 9 mm),
Miscellaneous Variables
   • Preference for surgery versus no preference for surgery.
   • Disc Herniation at L5S1 vs. L4L5