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Table 1 Item list for physical examination

From: Knee disorders in primary care: design and patient selection of the HONEUR knee cohort

inspection [18, 19] palpation [18, 19] specific diagnostic tests
coloration temperature sustained flexion test [20]
valgisation/varisation swelling: balottable patella sign patellar grinding test [19]
overextension/limited extension swelling: fluid shift/fluctuation sign patellar axial pressure test [21]
tibial tuber swelling pain tibial tuber patellar apprehension test [21]
atrophy quadriceps pain joint line Steinmann II test [22]
flexion contracture hip pain patellar edges McMurray test [23]
internal/external rotation femur pain patellar ligament Apley's grind/traction tests [24]
internal/external rotation tibia pain collateral lateral/medial ligaments valgus/varus test [25]
foot pronation pain insertion pes anserinus anterior drawer test [25]
leg length difference pain insertion iliotibial band Lachman test [26]
  swelling fossa poplitea/Baker's cyst pivot shift test [27]
function assessment hypertrophy synovial plica posterior drawer test [25]
flexion/extension active/passive [18, 19] bursa prepatellaris pain/swelling tibial posterior sag [28]
resisted flexion/extension [18, 19] bursa infrapatellaris pain/swelling