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Table 4 Differences between copyright and published versions of WORC

From: The factor validity of the Western Ontario Rotator Cuff Index

Item Published version [1] 1998 copyright version used in present study
PS 4 How much stiffness do you... How much stiffness or lack of range of motion do you...
PS 5 How much do you experience clicking... How much are you bothered by clicking...
PS 6 How much discomfort do you experience in your neck... How much discomfort do you experience in the muscles of your neck...
  SR 8 SR 9
  SR 9 SR 10
  SR 10 SR 8
W 12 How much...above your head How much...above your shoulder
W 14 How much...objects from the ground or below shoulder level How much...objects at or below shoulder level
W 21 How worried...occupation or work? How worried...occupation?
  1. PS physical symptoms
  2. SR sports and recreation
  3. W work