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Table 4 Statistically significant correlations found between concentrations of local mediators (NO, PGE2) and enzymatic activities of neutral metalloproteinases. Note that NO and PGE2 concentrations show a positive correlation.

From: An experimental animal model of aseptic loosening of hip prostheses in sheep to study early biochemical changes at the interface membrane

Groups Variables Correlation coefficient P-value
Group I: 2 months NO, collagenolytic activity 0.608 0.004
Group I: 8 months NO, collagenolytic activity 0.415 0.024
Group II: 8 months NO, collagenolytic activity 9.522 0.009
Group I: 8 months NO, caseinolytic activity 0.661 <0.0001
Group II: 2 months PGE2, collagenolytic activity 0.704 <0.0001
Group I: 2 months Collagenolytic, caseinolytic activity 0.56 0.014