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Table 4 Nerve-related genes with a greater up-regulation in younger rats

From: Altered mRNA expression of genes related to nerve cell activity in the fracture callus of older rats: A randomized, controlled, microarray study

GenBank Name Reference
Genes related to nerve cell differentiation and the cell cycle
X86003 Neuron-derived orphan receptor-2 [100]
AB005540 PCTAIRE 2 [101]
AB005541 PCTAIRE 3 (shown in Fig. 4) [102]
U09357 Protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor-type, Z polypeptide 1 (shown in Fig. 4) [103]
Genes related to the synapse and sensory perception
AI179632 Proton gated cation channel DRASIC [104]
AF034863 Synaptic scaffolding molecule (S-SCAM, activin receptor interacting protein 1) (shown in Fig. 4) [105,106]
S56141 Sodium-dependent neurotransmitter transporter [107]
  1. Data presented as in Table 1.