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Table 1 Content of "Health Survey" questionnaire

From: The North Staffordshire Osteoarthritis Project – NorStOP: Prospective, 3-year study of the epidemiology and management of clinical osteoarthritis in a general population of older adults

Concept Measurement method Details
Perceived general health MOS SF-12 [8] physical and mental component summary scores
Participation Keele Assessment of Participation (KAP) [9] 11 item measure of person-perceived, performance-based participation
Social isolation - Berkman-Syme Social Network Index [10] 4 levels of social connection: 'Most integrated' to 'Most isolated'
  - presence and frequency of contact with confidante [11] "Is there any one special person you know that you feel very close to; someone you can share confidences and feelings with?
Access to material goods and services   car, public transport, telephone, GP, bank, chemist, advice about income, education, work
Anxiety and depression Hospital anxiety and depression scale (HADs) [12] anxiety and depression sub-scales
Causes of illness Illness perceptions questionnaire (IPQ(R)) [13] causes sub-scale
Demographic characteristics - date of birth, gender  
  - marital status single, married, divorced, widowed, cohabiting, single
  - living arrangements alone, not alone
  - ethnic origin white, afro caribbean, chinese, asian, african, other
Occupational characteristics - current employment status employed, not working due to ill health, seeking employment, retired, housewife, other
  - current/recent job title  
  - socio-economic classification SOC 2000 [14, 15]
  - educational attainment age when left school, completed higher education, gained qualifications as adult
Anthropometric characteristics -self-reported height  
  -self-reported weight  
Lifestyle characteristics -alcohol intake daily, weekly, monthly, annually, never
  - smoking status current, previous, never
  - adequacy of income strain, need to be careful, can manage, comfortably well off
Co-morbidities chest problems, heart problems, deafness, eyesight, raised blood pressure, diabetes  
Symptoms falls, memory difficulties, cough with spit, breathless when walking, dizziness, weakness in arms/legs occurred in past 3 months
Cognition Functional Limitations Profile (FLP) [16] alertness sub-scale score
Sleep problems [17] 4 item sub-scale
Bodily pain - self-completed manikin "In the past 4 weeks have you had pain that has lasted for one day or longer in any part of your body?"
  - specific sites questions "Have you had any problems in your hands or pain in your hands/knees/hips/feet in the last year?
Medication use Painkillers, creams, natural medicine, glucosamine/ chondroitin sulphate usage in past 4 weeks – daily, most days, some days, few days, no days
Physical function MOS Short Form-36 [18] physical functioning sub-scale
Consent - further contact  
  - access to GP records