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Table 1 Key risk factors in five domains: predicted direction of relationship to one-year disability and source of information

From: Prediction of chronic disability in work-related musculoskeletal disorders: a prospective, population-based study

   Source of information
Risk factor Predicted direction of relationship to disability Worker interview Medical records Administrative database
   Age +    X
   Socioeconomic status - X   
Biomedical/health care     
   Injury severity +   X  
   Co-morbidity, poor health before injury + X   
   Radiating leg pain (back injury cases) + X   
   Delay to care +    X
   Pain intensity and sites + X   
   Physical disability + X   
   Opiate, sedative use +    X
   Sick leave in prior year + X   
   Treatment aimed at reactivation, return to work - X   
   Communication between doctor and employer - X   
   Firm Size -    X
   Job loss + X   
   Job modifications - X   
   Physical demands + X   
   Job satisfaction - X   
   Confidence regarding return to work - X   
   Time from claim receipt to allowance +    X
   Employer protest +    X
   Attorney + X   
   Mental health - X   
   Alcohol abuse + X   
   Fear-avoidance + X   
   Catastrophizing + X